We are an International Evangelical Mennonite church in Halle

and together we

Enjoy community

Promote peace

Share Jesus' love

Study God's Word

Multi language Church service

Church Service

Sunday at 10:30 in Pfarrhaus St. Georgen

bible study for youth

Courses and Discipleship

Find courses and more...

bible study for more deeper meaning

Bible Study

English Bible study every Wednesday at Soli Deo from 20:15 to 22:00

Multilingual Church service

Our church service is simultaneously translated into English, German, Portuguese, and Persian.

Multi-cultural fellowship

At Soli Deo, you can meet people from many different nations, live in fellowship, and experience God's love. No matter where you are from, you are welcome to join our international family.

Bible study and Fellowship

At Soli Deo you can find many interesting programs and various Bible studies in your own language.
You are welcome to join our fellowship and seminars, including secret church and baptism classes.