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Baptism course and Discipleship

Concentrate on Bible

Our only valid refrence in any course is the bible. we are fully concentrate what is God Plan for every single of Human beens. every one is welcome to join the courses that we freely providing.

Baptisem Course

We are Happy to share our belive and loving message of Jesus to you. We are ready to serve you with faith and love that God gave it to us. if you are intrested in bible, if you are ready t know Jesus and his sacrefice, please join our Baptisem Course. folow you can find out more about timing and place with joining the revelant telegram group bellows


Every one who is memmber of our church , is welcome to join discipleship courses. in this courses we dive more deep in bible and for sure it need solid undrestanding of Bible.

In Close Future Courses

here with click on one of following courses, you will automatically join revelant Telegram Group and with this way , you will recive latest news and any needed information from group Admin. See you soon!

water baptisem

Persian Baptisem Course

دوره جدید تعمید برای فارسی زبانان شما نیاز به نرم افزار تلگرام دارید!
با کلیک بر روی این لینک شما ثبت نام میشوید